Vibro and Piling Services

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Photograph of yellow piling rig

Dry Top Feed Vibro Stone Columns

The Dry Top Feed method of Vibro-compaction is used to enhance bearing capacities and reduce settlements in building and civil engineering projects. A rig mounted vibrating poker is used to penetrate the ground requiring improvement to the required depth. The poker is extracted and a small amount of aggregate is introduced into the resulting bore from the surface. The poker is then re-introduced to the bore and used to compact the aggregate at the base. The process is then repeated intermittently until a complete stone column has been formed up to surface level.

Photograph of the installation of a vibro stone column

Dry Bottom Feed Vibro Stone Columns

The Dry Bottom Feed method is particularly suitable where the resulting bores formed by the vibrating poker would be liable to collapse once the poker is withdrawn, (for example in some soft cohesive soils or where a high ground water table is present). In this method a hollow poker is used and when it has penetrated the ground to the required depth the stone is introduced to the base of the bore from the surface via the hollow poker. The poker is then used to compact the stone intermittently, as it is withdrawn thus forming a column of compacted stone up to the surface without the need to withdraw the poker from the bore.